The biggest concern for me is always the overhead. I am constantly searching for top quality products that are beneficial to my patients and that will reduce my overhead. I3 Implant has been exactly that. Their products are the real deal. Extremely high success rates and easy to use. We fabricate our crowns using intra-oral scanners and CEREC cad/cam technology. Implementing I3 Implant was simple since it is compatible to our current systems. All of my associate doctors and specialists enjoy using I3 Implant. Our overhead has decreased, and our profits have increased significantly making everyone happier. Highly recommend this company!

Dr Mike Nguyen DDSDr. Mike Nguyen, DDS, Owner of 2 high grossing multi-doctor private offices

I have used many big name implant companies and I was not happy with any of them. They were all high cost, and I always had issues with bone loss around the implants. When my friend told me about I3 Implant, I decided to give it a try. Their low prices cannot be beat. I can assure you that their product is super high quality and my associates and I have had higher success rates with I3 Implants than with other brands. The implants heal great with better tissue response. I have seen less bone loss around the implants with this system. Great customer service and affordable prices. We use all of their prosthetic parts and even my lab bills have dropped by a lot. We place hundreds of implants a year so with this cost savings, it has helped take my practices to the next level.

Dr. Rick Tran, DDS, Owner of 3 multi-million dollar top producing private practices

As an oral surgeon, I strive to give my patients the best quality implants. I typically use the expensive big name brand companies. I have to charge patients more money to be able to use these implants. As a doctor, it is heart wrenching when you have patients wanting implants but cannot afford the treatment. I decided to offer I3 Implants to my patients to give them the choice of selecting the implant. Given the choice of the more expensive implants vs. saving money, most of my patients have chosen the lower cost option and are grateful. The success rates have been phenomenal with I3 Implant. Being able to offer my patients lower cost treatment solutions without compromising care has been very satisfying. Many of my referring doctors are thankful that they are also able to save money by using I3 Implant’s restorative parts.

Dr. Quoc Nguyen, DDS OMFS, Renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon

I love doing implants. Being able to offer implants to my patients at an affordable price has made my practices busier. I use I3 Implant’s Internal Hex system. It is so simple to use and the platform switching allows me to save money on overhead with less parts to order and stock up. The aggressive thread design and self tapping feature gives me very high primary stability even in compromised bone situation. Many patients are coming in from word of mouth referrals due to my lower fees. I3 Implant has allowed me to do more of what I love while improving the lives of my patients.

Dr. Marcus Hoang, DDS, Experienced implantologist in private practice

I3 Implant is such a great company. Since the system is compatible with many of the brands I have used in the past, I was able to switch over without buying new surgical kits and prosthetic parts. The lower cost has helped me save money and keep more of my hard earned money. My quality of life has improved. My patients are happy and I am happy.

Dr. Son Nguyen, DDS, General dentist with over 15 years experience

I was tired of paying so much money for implants and everything associated with them. I felt like an ATM machine with the other implant companies. I decided to start using I3 Bone Level and One Stage implants and have been very impressed. These implants are compatible with everything I already have and switching over was a piece of cake. Better success rates, less failures. I can’t even tell the difference at post op checks. At this low price, why use anything else.

Dr. Jae Woo Jung, DDS, General dentist

I started doing implants after I bought their starter package deal. It is a very easy system to use and my implants have been turning out great. Other companies wanted to charge me so much money at the beginning. Thank you I3 Implant for helping me start doing implants with minimal investment.

Dr. Hai, DMD, General dentist

Wow is all I have to say! Best implants at the lowest prices. I also buy all my prosthetic parts through I3 Implant to send to the lab and my lab bills have been slashed. Saving money is fun and my practice is growing. Once you try them, you will understand what I am talking about.

Dr. Thien, DDS, General dentist

With this great company, I am able to save money on all the compatible prosthetic parts for the various implant systems out there.. I can vouch for the high quality of I3 Implant. Their low prices have allowed me to pass on the savings to my customers. This has helped my lab remain competitive in today’s market.

Harold Williams, Owner of highly successful dental labs

Finding good quality prosthetic parts for dental implants at a reasonable price is almost impossible. Most companies out there charge a lot of money. That is why I am so glad I found out about I3 Implant. Their products seem to be 100% compatible to the big name companies. I can’t even tell the difference when I work with their products. Great quality at the lowest prices!

Mario Rosales, CDT, Owner of thriving dental labs