Surgical Guide Positioning Kit


Kit Includes:
5 assorted guide drills
5 assorted guide pins (non-drilling guides)
1 autoclavable container


I3 IMPLANT Surgical Guide Positioning Kit is an alternative to a conventional surgical guide made in office or by the lab.
This saves you a lot of time and money!

This guide works with any implant brand.  Your surgical protocol remains the same.  You are simply using the positioning guide drill as your initial pilot drill based on the diameter width of the tooth you are replacing.

Our surgical guide positioning kit lets you visualize the final restoration and allow for precise implant placement in the ideal location with accurate angulation and correct parallelism.

The guide pins (non-drilling guide) allows you to imagine the presence of the future restorative teeth when placing multiple implants.  Each guide pin corresponds to the size of the tooth you are replacing.

This kit is a must have for all dental surgeons and implantologists.


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