Bone Level Implant 4.1mm


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Ø 4.1 mm in diameter Regular Connection (RC) Implant

The implant is made from pure titanium 4 from the USA

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The Bone Level Implant is compatible with Straumann®, Oktagon®, BlueSkyBio®, ImplantDirect SwishActive®.

It comes in diameters: 3.3 NC (Narrow Connection), 4.1 RC, and 4.8RC (Regular Connection)
The lengths are 8,10,12mm

The implant is made from pure titanium 4 from the USA


SLA (sand blasted/acid-etched) treatment provide a superior surface for better osseointegration and higher success rates. Great for all bone types. Self tapping threads condenses bone during insertion and allows for high primary stability even in soft bone.

Package Includes:

1 Bone Level Implant
1 Double tube blister packaging for safer handling and better sterilization


2 stage surgery allows for better healing of implant especially during immediate extraction and placement of implant

Uses SCS driver for ratchet and/or for handpiece adapter: (I3-054010, I3-054020, I3-054030, I3-054040, I3-054050, I3-054060)

Compatible with Straumann® surgical and prosthetic insertion tools.

If you currently use the Blue Sky Bio surgical kit, you will need the following tools to place our implants:

  1. Holding key for transfer section
  2. Ratchet service instrument with torque control device
  3. SCS screwdriver
  4. Adapter for ratchet
  5. Adapter for handpiece

2 reviews for Bone Level Implant 4.1mm

  1. Dr. Jenny Z DDS

    Very Impressive!

    These bone level implants have been nothing less than very impressive. You have to be a fool to not switch over to these products and save money.

  2. Dr. C Chung DDS

    Game Changer!

    My multi-doctor offices perform thousands of implants each year. Implementing I3 Implants into my practices has been a game changer. We used to use the big name companies and paid a fortune. But now after switching over to I3 one stage and bone level implants, we have reduced overhead and increased profits tremendously.

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