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I3 IMPLANT LLC has not tested our compatibility for every product we sell to see if they are compatible to every product other companies mentioned above sell. Although, we strive for compatibility, we cannot say for certain that everything is 100% compatible. We do not have any test results regarding the compatibility of our implants and products with the implants and products from other companies.

Our compatibility to major brands offers you an opportunity to start using our products with minimal investment and risk.

It is recommended you buy implants and prosthetic parts from one company which will ensure total compatibility with all of the products. It is safer for your patients to use products solely from one company to ensure exact proper fit and precise connection between all of the various products.

The I3 IMPLANT Dental Implants and other I3 IMPLANT products are part of an overall concept and may be used only in conjunction with the corresponding original components and instruments according to I3 IMPLANT’s instructions and recommendations.

The use of third-party components not distributed directly or indirectly by I3 IMPLANT in conjunction with the I3 IMPLANT Dental Implant System voids any guarantee and /or warranty from I3 IMPLANT LLC and from the contractual partners of the I3 IMPLANT Dental Implant System.

The user of I3 IMPLANT products is responsible for determining whether or not any product is suitable for a particular patient and circumstances. I3 IMPLANT LLC disclaims any liability, express or implied, and bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect, punitive or other damages, arising out of or in connection with any errors in professional judgment or practice in the use or installation of I3 IMPLANT products.

The user is also obliged to study the latest developments of the I3 IMPLANT Dental Implant System and their applications regularly.