At I3 Implant, we keep the prices low and our quality high. Our implants are smart, safe, simple, and reliable. We dedicate our time and effort to allow you to: Save Money, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

At I3 Implant, we INNOVATE high quality products for a fraction of the cost. We IMAGINE all of the creative solutions that will benefit you—our valued customers. We INSPIRE positive changes to implant dentistry. I3 Implant was founded by the best dentists and top implantologists under collaboration with world class engineers and intelligent designers. Our implants are smart, safe, simple to use, and made with integrity.

Why should greedy dental implant companies get to dictate how you spend your hard-earned money? Why do they get to keep overcharging you and getting away with it?

You are a doctor and a surgeon. You are smarter than that. Don’t allow companies that only care about their bottom line take advantage of you and your patients anymore. Give us a try and start saving money immediately. Implants should be a vital part of “bread and butter” dentistry, and they should be made readily available to all patients. That is why the cost of our implants are virtually equal to the cost of a porcelain crown. This allows you to pass along the savings to your patients and get more patients to say “yes” to implant dentistry.

At I3 Implant, we keep the prices low and our quality high. We dedicate our time and effort to allow you to:

Save Money, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

Our implant products are compatible with most major brands and are specifically geared towards value minded experienced implant practitioners. This allows you to switch over and start saving money right away. We currently offer 5 perfectly designed and engineered versatile implants:

  • Internal Hex 2.42mm: Compatible with Zimmer® screw-vent, MiS®, ImplantDirect Legacy®, AlphaBio®, BlueSkyBio®, AlfaGate®*
  • Conical Connection: Compatible with NobelActive®, ImplantDirect Interactive®, BlueSkyBio®*
  • One Stage Tissue Level: Compatible with Straumann®, Oktagon®, ImplantDirect SwishPlus®*
  • Bone Level: Compatible with Straumann®, ImplantDirect SwishActive®*
  • Morse Tapered: Compatible with Hiossen® ETIII, Osstem® TSIII*

With the introduction of each implant system we have introduced additional innovations while maintaining compatibility.  Innovations include: customized double sterile blister packaging, implants resistant to extreme insertion forces of over 100 Ncm, extended apical bone threads, osseodensification threads, platform switching, and tapered spiral design with flat apex which reduces the need for a sinus lift. The surfaces of our implants are SLA treated. They are sandblasted and acid-etched to achieve a roughened surface, without residue, for optimal osseointegration. Studies show that SLA treated surfaces generate a higher bone-to-implant contact, higher torque out force, and higher osseointegration.  Our implants demonstrate high success rates, great tissue response, and natural looking esthetics.

*Please review our legal disclaimer
Legal Disclaimer

At I3 Implant, we are committed to creating and designing high end dental implant solutions that are smart, straightforward, simple, safe, and reliable. We work hard to find like minded innovative intelligent global manufacturers to assist us in delivering top quality, FDA cleared products at the lowest cost available. All of our implant products are made with integrity from pure titanium 4 and top medical grade 5 titanium from the USA.

I3 Implant is a web based e-commerce company created in the USA with global distribution channels. We realized from the start that the standard “old fashioned” business model results in higher prices for dentists and dental surgeons. This is part of the reason that your overhead is so high. I3 Implant does not employ sales people. We do not pay “expert” dentists for their endorsement. We do not mail or distribute expensive catalogs and colorful brochures. However, clinical support is only an email or phone call away with experienced practitioners. All of our product information is on our website for you to access at all times. We dedicate all of our efforts to the areas that matter most: innovating, imagining, inspiring, engineering, designing, and creating the best possible implants and prosthetic parts at the lowest cost available. By keeping our overhead low, we are able to pass the savings directly to you.

This allows you to Save Money, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

At I3 Implant, we are so confident that you and your patients will benefit from our products. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our implants. We appreciate you as our customer and want you to have peace of mind when using our products. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can help.